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Flagman Next Generation Tankless (Direct Flow) Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System with Auto–Flush

Prio® MOD600 — Direct Flow (Tankless) Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

€940.00 Regular Price
€799.00Sale Price

This flagman tankless reverse osmosis water filtration system consists of two units: the innovative electronic control unit with LED indicators, auto-flush and powerful booster pump, and the R.O. filtration unit with high-production R.O. membrane and filters. Together, they provide direct flow capability of on-demand water filtration in real time, eliminating the need of a water tank usually found in conventional systems, flexible installation, safety and ease of maintenance.

Set Includes:
• Advanced Booster Pump Box Unit with Auto-Flush (Pump Bot)
• Multi-Stage Filtration Unit with High-Production R.O. Membrane
• Designer Faucet
• Installation Kit

• Direct flow R.O. on-demand filtration in real time, no storage tank required. Never wait for a tank refill. 
• High, instantly available and sustained water flow and distinct freshness of water. No more stale water from a tank stored days before consumption. 
• Up to three times less water waste per litre of filtered water due to 1:1 or better recovery rate. Save on your every utility bill! 
• Reduces TDS by 20 times because of the large and high rejection rate membrane and more powerful pump. 
• Quick-change filters and membrane for easy maintenance. 
• Delivers 1 litre of pure water in under a minute.

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