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Point-of-Use Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Bottleless Hot and Cold Drinking Water Dispenser

Prio® P500 — Direct Flow R.O. Bottleless Hot&Cold Drinking Water Dispenser

SKU: P500
€880.00 Regular Price
€792.00Sale Price

Innovative Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Point-of-Use Bottleless Water Dispenser with Hot & Cold Water Spouts.

Ideal pure water delivering machine for office, home and public spaces. Heavy duty, eco-friendly, water- and money-saving. Real-time R.O. filtration and no room-temperature storage tank mean always fresh water, hygienic cleanliness and less maintenance costs.

Delivers virtually unlimited amount of cold water and up to 6L/hour of hot water. Save thousands $$/€€ on water bottles! Continue reading to full description to learn how this green machine is different from everything else on the market.

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