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R.O. membrane encapsulated element (NSF Certified TFC Sheet by Toray®).

75gpd nominal production rating.

Effective reduction of:
- suspended solids
- dissolved ions
- bacteria and viruses
- other contaminants

Compatible with all MO-series R.O. systems with a tank.

Prio® K866 — 75gpd R.O. Membrane Encapsulated Element

SKU: K866
  • Composition: reverse osmosis composite polymer film by Toray Industries Inc., Japan
  • Operating water temperature: +2 ... +35 ° С
  • Supply water pressure: from 0.14 to 0.80 MPa
  • Maximum instant inlet pressure (hydraulic shock): 1.6 MPa
  • Filtered water delivery rate: up to 0.19 l/min
  • Membrane rejection rate*, typical: ≥90%
  • Recovery rate (system efficiency**), typical: 10-30%
  • Maximum supply water TDS: 1000 ppm
  • Shelf life (before use): 3 years from the date of production
  • Service life: 24 months from the beginning of use


Change the disposable membrane-element every 24 months or sooner if you observe a noticeable reduction in water flow rate.

* For all dissolved solids combined as measured by TDS or conductivity meter.

** Efficiency rating means the percentage of the influent water to the system that is available to the user as reverse osmosis treated water under operating conditions that approximate typical daily usage.

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