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Expert MOD600

Next Generation Tankless On-Demand Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier With Auto–Flush


Tankless Drinking Water Filtration Systems are rapidly replacing ordinary water filters all over the world

1. Safe and clean water. It will provide you with safe and tasty drinking water guaranteeing 100% protection from any known viruses (including COVID-19) and bacteria. As it is a direct flow system, it means you don’t need a tank for water. Thus, no risk of any bacterial growth exists when water stored in a tank for a long time (more than 1 month).

2. Significant savings for the family budget in comparison with bottled water and ordinary water filters. Our direct flow system needs 4 times less water for producing drinking water than previous generation water filtration systems with a tank! 

3. No risks associated with plastic containers. Our system will eliminate all the risks of long-term storage of drinking water in plastic containers, e.g. bacterial growth during prolonged storage; heating of plastic bottles during summer and the use of prohibited plastic.  

4. Space-saving/Easy installation in 20 minutes/Modern Design. The system consists of the most compact installation since a tank is not needed. It is a beautiful modern design.


Your Key Benefits

Being in a class of its own, Expert MOD600 is a high end water purification system that offers multiple advantages


Cleanest Water

R.O. treated water is free from chlorine, heavy metals, other dissolved solids and ions, bacteria and viruses, and even microplastics.

Fresh Flux

High, instantly available and sustained water flow and distinct freshness of water filtered in real time.

Never wait for a tank refill.


No more stale water from a tank.


Beyond Bottled Water

The system delivers virtually unlimited amount of safe, clean and delicious water right at your sink, every day.

Take water off your grocery list!


Unbeaten Efficiency

Up to three times less water waste per gallon of filtered water due to 1:1 or better recovery rate.

Save on your every utility bill!


Modern Innovative Technology

• Direct flow R.O. filtration in real time, no storage tank required
• Fully automatic operation
• Compact and modular


Lower Cost of Ownership

High efficiency rate leads to a less frequent filter change necessity.

The more you use your R.O. machine the more you save on maintenance!

This direct flow reverse osmosis water filtration system saves tons of water wasted per year and solves maintenance and water quality issues with tank based systems.

Read on and discover how you can carry out high level purification without such an economic and environmental impact.
The future of reverse osmosis is tankless.

About R.O. Filtration

Reverse osmosis is currently the most advanced yet natural method of water purification. Semipermeable membrane allows only water to pass through and rejects everything else.

These days the human genius reproduced this natural process in a highly sophisticated nanotechnology device right at your sink.

R.O. treated water is free from chlorine, heavy metals, other dissolved solids and ions, bacteria and viruses. This water is safe and refreshing, requires no boiling and is a good choice for all kind of use including newborn baby feeding.

No magic, no unproven claims – just pure science! Reverse osmosis is used everywhere when real clean water is needed, not claims: from pharmaceutical production to space station water supply, from multi-million population area municipal water desalination plants to marine ship rescue kits.

Make no mistake, this osmosis process is as much natural as it can be since it’s essentially the same as the one in every living cell on Earth. Cell membrane allows only what it needs to get through and rejects everything foreign.

Beyond Bottled Water Quality

  • Expert MOD600 tankless reverse osmosis system delivers virtually unlimited amount of safe, clean and joy inducing water right at your home, every day.

  • No need to transport and dispose of bottled water any more!

  • Great for drinking, ice makers, beverages, coffee & tea, food preparation & cooking, sports, etc.

  • This R.O. system removes odor and most harmful substances such as heavy metal ions and total dissolved solids from tap water making it tasty, fresh and vital. It delivers a pure, refreshing experience with no aftertaste of heavy metals, limescale or chlorine.

How It Works

The system usually mounts under the kitchen sink with the purified water faucet been installed on the sink or deck. An available on the market combo tap with built-in waterway for filtered water can also be used.

To get fresh and clean water instantly just open the faucet, and everything else will be performed automatically.

Install in Five Easy Steps

Expert MOD600 is easy to set up using basic tools and included accessories.


Position the System.

This system naturally mounts under the kitchen sink but also can be installed near other points-of-use: in a cellar, garage or utility room. The unique feature of the system is a possible “split-installation”: install the pump box unit up to 50 feet away from the R.O. unit itself. You may place both units under your kitchen sink, or you may place the R.O. filtration unit under the kitchen sink near the faucet, and the pump box unit in a bathroom near the electrical outlet, cold water supply and drain pipes.


Install the Filtered Water Faucet.

It can be installed in an existing hole of soap dispenser or water sprayer, or in a new hole in the sink or deck. An available on the market combo tap with built-in waterway for filtered water can also be used.


Install Drain Saddle on the Drain Pipe.


Install Adapter Ball Valve to Feed Water to the System.


Connect the Tubes and Start Up.

All internal tubes are already factory pre-installed. You only need to connect few external tubes, such as water supply, faucet and drain tubes by following the enclosed chart.
Then turn on the system, make quick initial washing and start enjoying safe, clean and tasty water.

Connection Chart


Tip: Expert MOD600 R.O. System may also be used with an optional tank if you prefer! Storage tank can be added easily, at any time, even after installation of the system itself.

What's in the Box

(1) The auto-flush booster pump box unit

(1) The R.O. filtration unit

(1) Adapter ball valve (user configurable to ⅜” x ⅜” x ¼”, ½” x ½” x ¼” or ½” x ⅜” x ¼”)

(1) Teflon tape roll

(1) Faucet (depending on SKU and market)

(1) Drain saddle

(1) Wrench

(26 ft / 8 m) Water tubing ¼”

(1) ¼” x ¼” union check valve

(1) ¼” x ¼” x ¼” union tee fitting or Y-fitting

User’s guide

Technical Data

Operating requirements:

  • Minimum supply water pressure: 7.25 psi (0.05 MPa)

  • Maximum supply water pressure: 80 psi (0.55 MPa)

  • Minimum water temperature: 41 °F (5 °C)

  • Optimal water temperature: 59–77 °F (15–25 °C)

  • Maximum water temperature: 95 °F (35 °C) / up to 105 °F (40.5 °C) short-term

  • Ambient air temperature: 41–105 °F (5–40.5 °C)

  • Water source: tap water supply, chlorinated or non-chlorinated, bacteriologically safe

  • Supply water pH range: 4.0-11.0

  • Supply water turbidity: < 1 NTU

  • Supply water components: Hardness (CaCO3) <180 mg/L ( <10.5 gpg), Iron <0.1 mg/L, Manganese <0.05 mg/L, Hydrogen Sulfide 0.00 mg/L

  • Maximum supply water TDS: 1000 ppm

  • Indoor use only

  • Electrical input: AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz

  • Electrical plug: US Type A / Europlug CEE 7/16

  • Maximum length of the line between the pump unit and the membrane (“split installation”): 50 ft (15 m) (purchase of extra tubing may be required)

  • Tubing: ¼”


       Performance of the appliance such as filtered water delivery rate, rejection rate, etc. is highly dependent on local conditions (inlet water pressure, temperature, TDS and degree of contamination, etc.) and R.O. system use pattern. Actual performance may vary.

  • Filtered water production rating: 400 gpd (1450 lpd) maximum

  • Filtered water delivery rate, nominal: 0.159–0.330 gpm (0.6–1.25 l/min), typical: 0.238–0.291 gpm (0.9–1.1 l/min)

  • Membrane rejection rate(1), typical: ≥90%

  • Recovery rate (system efficiency(2)), typical: ≥50%

  • Drain water flow restrictor: 300 cc (ml/min) nominal, up to 450 cc in working mode, open flow in flush mode.

  • Auto-flush duration: 18±5% s

  • Idling protection: 120 minutes

  • Power consumption: ≤60 W (working mode), ≤40 W (flush mode), ≤2 W (standby mode)

Weight and size:

Pump box unit:

  • Size (WDH), body only, excluding protrusions: 8.74 x 4.80 x 12.44” (222 x 122 x 316 mm)

  • Weight, without water and tubing: 8.6 lbs (3.9 kg)

R.O. filtration unit:

  • Size (WDH), body only, excluding protrusions: 13.46 x 4.92 x 14.80” (342 x 125 x 376 mm)

  • Weight, without water and tubing: 8.8 lbs (4.0 kg)

Shipping Weight: 20 lbs (9.5 kg)


Fully CE certified and conforms to Directives and Standards 98/83/EC, 2006/42/EC, 2014/30/EU, 2014/35/EU, (EU) 2015/1787, EN 14652:2005+A1:2007, EN 13443-2:2005+A1:2007, EN 14898:2006+A1:2007, etc.


1 year limited warranty (+ local regulations if applicable).

(1) For all dissolved solids combined as measured by TDS or conductivity meter.

(2) Efficiency rating means the percentage of the influent water to the system that is available to the user as reverse osmosis treated water under operating conditions that approximate typical daily usage.

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Get more information on Expert MOD600 system in downloadable PDF documents


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